THE PRIDE  (2020) Feature Film (Coming of Age/Drama/Sport)
THE PRIDE is a complex interwoven tale of inner city kids and their adult counterparts who struggle to find their sense of worth, and their place in society.

HEROES MANUFACTURED (2017) Feature Film (Documentary)
A documentary following Canadian artists and their ability to break into the comic book industry while dealing with fandom and the craze of comic book conventions in Canada.

SEQUELA (2015) Feature Film (Fantasy/Thriller)

A street photographer finds himself in a mind bending world of the past, present and future as he delves deep into the psyche of a mysterious writer.

THE MARKET (2015) Feature Film (Drama/Thriller)
Four young bond traders purposely crash the market to make 12.6 billion...that's just the beginning.

AKP: JOB 27 (2013) Feature Film (Romance/Crime)
A Yakuza hitman travels to N. America on his 27th job only to find lost love through a chance encounter with a beautiful prostitute.

OBFUSCATION (2009) Short Film (Drama)

A painter is haunted by lingering memories of his past as he struggles to complete his final painting.

THE SHOOTER (2008) Short Film (Drama) 
An Ex-Soviet spy dwells upon the nature of control after a life and death encounter.