Australian/Canadian co-production "Kamera 12" enters pre-production stage. 


"The Pride" is complete. Stay tuned

for release plans.


China Daily, MTime, Feng Huang (Phoenix) and other major

Asian Media covers "The Pride"


Attached internationally renowned Cinematographer - Ebrahim Ghafori for

The Pride (2018) known for "Osama (2003)" Winner of the Camera D'Or at Cannes,

"Kandahar (2001)"Palme D'Or Nom, Golden Globe Winner​,

"The Day I Became a Woman (2000)" Winner of Venice . and

"Blackboards (2000)"Winner of Cannes Special Jury

Heroe's Manufactured (2016) finishes theatrical run and hits Amazon Prime.

The Pride (2018) Casting is near completion.

Tari, the writer of Will Smith's "Focus (2015)", "Burn Country (2016)" with James Franco and "Self/Less (2015)" starring Ryan Reynolds attaches as co-writer on sci-fi romance ANA aka Memories that Linger. More big news to come...