"Heroes Manufactured" the Series in Post.

China Daily, MTime, Feng Huang (Phoenix) and other major

Asian Media covers "The Pride" (Jiao Ao). ​​


"The Pride" (Jiao Ao) is complete. Stay tuned for release plans. Here's the official international trailer. The Pride - Official Trailer

Telefilm's Talent Watch Feature "Le Corbeau" in Post.

Heroe's Manufactured (2016) finishes theatrical run and hits Amazon Prime.

Attached internationally renowned Cinematographer - Ebrahim Ghafori for

The Pride (2018) known for "Osama (2003)" Winner of the Camera D'Or at Cannes,

"Kandahar (2001)"Palme D'Or Nom, Golden Globe Winner​,

"The Day I Became a Woman (2000)" Winner of Venice . and

"Blackboards (2000)"Winner of Cannes Special Jury