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​We use only the best for our mastering services.


​We also produce commercials, documentaries and branded content for major broadcasters and AAA clients.

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DCP 2D 2K, 4K - 3D 2K (DCDM 2K & 4K)

BluRay 1080P BD25/50, KDM Encryption
Besides developing and producing films, we also handle commercials and documentaries for corporate clients. Being a full service production company we are fully integrated to provide a full range of production services from post to mastering. Our Digital Cinema Mastering services are second to none. In fact we are considered one of the best Indies film production companies for low budget mastering for festivals and D-Cinema. Contact our post department for quotes on mastering services

DCP Testimonials 
“Amazing service, lightning fast turnaround, and best prices in the industry. My premiere in Shanghai went perfectly thanks to their DCP. A real blessing for Indies filmmakers.”         

Award Winning Director Lenin Sivam   “Golden Goblet Nominee -Shanghai"     

"KingSky's extremely quick turn around and unbeatable prices will unlikely be found anywhere else. As an Independent Producer, KingSky's value, professionalism and service will keep me coming back in the future. The DCP looked and sounded perfect."     

Producer Andrew Korogyi  "Crystal Bear Nominee -Berlin"    

Our DCP's have played at festivals such as TIFF,  AFI, Sundance, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Warsaw, etc, and have been in theatrical chains such as Cineplex, Empire, Landmark, and more.